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The Performance Artistry of Priscilla HoopMore

Step Into My World

Prepare to be amazed! I began hoop dancing in September 2012 and am now a Day, LED , Aerial and Fire Insured Performance Artist. I have performed in parades, festivals, special events, clubs and various parties. My shows are often described as spectacular and dazzling. If you’re interested in hiring me, get in touch now to find out more!


About Me

From a young age, I realized how fun and easy it was to charm and entertain those around me through performance. Since then, becoming a professional performance artist seemed like the natural path for me to take. I discovered hoop dancing from attending a group class at my college gymnasium. From that first class of seeing my instructor hula hooping on several parts of her body and using the hoop as a form of dance, I was just so amazed! I couldn’t wait to learn more so I began studying tutorials online and teaching myself new tricks. I joined a local flow arts group and have since made great connections in the flow arts community. I am very passionate about my performance work and it truly brings me infinite happiness. 

FloydFest 2019 Hoop Performance
Fire Fans Performance
Live Hoop Dance Performance with Chupacabras
Live Fire Hoop Performance for SparkCon NC

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